Clayton Brewhouse & Eatery

San Dimas Station
Shopping Center
661 W Arrow Hwy
San Dimas, CA 91773
United States
reservations: 909-394-4900

our beer

Clayton Brewhouse & Eatery offers 20 taps of craft beers. We host 5 of our own house beers as well as some of the finest microbrewed beers the region has to offer. Additionally, our wine selection will surely please any enthusiast's pallet. (*Beer and wine list subject to change and availability)
Weizen  Heimer  Wheat
Weizen Heimer Wheat 5.5%abv
German wheat beers are called "Weizen" (wheat). Noted for its low hop bitterness and mild citrus notes this traditional Bavarian style wheat is great any time of year. Refreshing and full bodied we think is a "wise choice" for any time of year!
Puddingstone Pale
Puddingstone Pale 5.2%abv
Expect a good balance of malt and hops. Fruity ester notes are present yet mild. A well balanced ale that brings fun and enjoyment to any beer enthusiast pallet.
Hop Stompin' IPA
Hop Stompin' IPA 7%abv
Packed with flavor this IPA boasts a solid hop note yet is balanced with a the sweetness of the fruity yeast strain. It's plain Hop Stomp'in Good!
All American Amber Ale
All American Amber Ale 5.2%abv
Considered a balance between the light pale ales and rich, heavy, brown ales. In taste, bitterness, and aroma, the amber provides a middle ground to its light or dark brothers.
Mt Baldy Blonde
Mt Baldy Blonde 5.5%abv
A light everyday beer. Clean finish made with clove honey and just a touch of hops to compliment all that sweet goodness. Perfect after a long day hiking, mountain biking or just relaxing.